Ocean Plastic

OSHEN products are made with ocean plastic sourced by Oceanworks. The Oceanworks guarantee means that these products support the larger mission - keeping plastic out of the ocean.

This mark is a symbol of authenticity, supply chain transparency, social and environmental compliance.

When you purchase an OSHEN product, you are helping to keep our oceans clean. 

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Recycled Packaging

OSHEN products are shipped using minimal packaging and all material used, from the box to the tape, is made with recycled materials.

Responsible Manufacturing

We spent six months researching manufacturers to find a partner that operates their factory ethically, which means treating employees fairly and providing safe work environments. Our factory is a leader in manufacturing with ocean plastics.

Pact Member

Pact is a nonprofit collective catalyzing collaboration to reduce, recycle, and drive towards circularity. Together, we can end packaging waste in the beauty and wellness industries. OSHEN is a proud member of Pact.

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